Soyeon Lee is an illustrator in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from South Korea.

she loves bloody vivid colors💉️, simple shape🌞️, metaphor and humour💩️ Recently deep dives into psycology and philisophy to understand different people and culture, also herself

Soyeon Lee is een rotterdamse illustrator die oorspronkelijk uit Zuid-Korea komt. Zij maakt speelse en kleurrijke illustraties waarbij je niet anders dan blij wordt. Haar illustraties bevatten volwassen humor in een kinderlijk jasje.


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Here is a recommendation from professional people

Levi Jacobs / illustrator
I always have to laugh if I see Soyeon and her work
Her works tell a lot about herself

Sona Lee / illustrator

Let Soyeon take you to her colorful playground and get inspired by her childlike imagination

Jayeon Lim
/elementary school teacher 
Her work makes me happy, and imagine what happens in the story.
It stimulates my curiosity, how it's going to be?

José Quintanar /publisher
Soyeon has a special and personal sensitivity to speak with drawings

Karli Cladrowa
/ graphic designer

This girl has passion
she puts the fun in illustration

Hong Kim
/ Graphic designer

Her way of looking at the world is a ray of sunshine in a complicated world


Hello, I'm Lee Soyeon from Draw SoSo.
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