You might want to know about South Korea


Internet is the doulble edged sword

Internet Speed

The standard of 2019, South Korea had the fastest internet in the world, followed by Singapore and Taiwan.

피씨방 : PC bang 

Pc cafe

“South Korea is undergoing internet addiction problems.
It is too easy to access internet even you do not have computer. Because there is Pc bang” What is Pc bang is Bang means room in Korean language.

It is open for 24hours, you can stay as much as you can if you pay. Some people stay 1 or 2 nights and can order food from the Pc bang kitchen. 

온라인 보안 문제 :
Cyber security issue

On an individual level, the threat of cybercrime is moderate but steadily increasing; phishing schemes and theft of Personal Identifiable Information for criminal intent have increased as has defamation, which is considered a criminal offense.

KNPA statistics reveal just under 150,000 cybercrimes reported for 2018, up from 131,734 in 2017.

몸캠 피싱 :
Mom cam phishing

body cam phishing

In Korea, pornography is regulated on the Internet. However, there are bigger porn market underground.

Recently, the problem of cyber phishing has emerged. To the people who want to sexual call, the suspects pretend to be a woman.
Then recorded a video call, and threaten to distribute it

Muk Bang

eating broadcasting

Mukbang is the new words for the broadcasting that typically a solo eater
(or with friends) who would usually eat in large portions along with a few other dishes.

Meanwhile, it has been criticised for its implicit glorification and normalisation of gluttony