cultural diversity



Collect material from each category and pair them with a different source,
and try to use every source. (Don't just google everything.)

a. piece of design/work made by a Black queer person.

b. a piece of design/work made by a public/community or doesn't have a clear author
sex man is coming

c. made by a minority in the country in which you live (or grew up in) (this could be you)

d. that is made by somebody who is not able-bodied
Maud lewis

f. a memory, memorabilia, family, personal (draw a picture or write a descrip(on of)Source•from internet•scan from a
book•photograph•on the street•bring an object•from your cultural history•family story•memories
Link to singing bowl sound

A shaneebenjamin

D Maud lewis

week 39

Homework Class 27th September

A) Document an object that tells a story about your cultural or family history.
You can choose to document it visually via photography, drawing, video or audio.

B) Document the same object in writing. It can be an anecdote,
(family) memory, historical research or a combination of all.

When I turned 4, my mom sent me to a Buddhist kindergarten.
Even though my family was not Buddhist, the kindergarten was cheap and close. Most of the houses in Korea have traditions based on Confucianism, and our house was a culture in which Confucianism and Buddhism were a little harmonized.
I went to the temple every morning and went around the tower about three times.
Even though I was a child, I had to memorize Buddhist scriptures related to Buddhism.

On the day of Buddha's birth, I often climbed mountains and came down in a row with other children
with lotus lanterns at the request of kindergarten. 
At the age of five, I studied what mercy is and what immortality is.
In fact, I am more of an atheist, but I still think that some way of faith is influenced by Buddhism.